Insurance and Fees


I charge $120 per 50 minute session.


  • In-Network

I am not currently “in-network” for any insurance companies.

  • Out-of-Network

Call the number on the back of your insurance card to find out if you have “out-of-network” mental health coverage. They will also tell you your deductible, the amount of your co-pay, and your out of pocket limits. If your benefit plan covers out-of-network mental health treatment, I will be happy to seek payment through your insurance company. In the event of a denial, however, you will be responsible for the fee. Your full co-pay will be due at each session.

  • Medicare

Unfortunately, standard Medicare will not recognize pastoral counselors as approved providers, despite the fact that our training and certification process meets or exceeds the standards for other licensed professional counselors. However, some Enhanced Medicare plans, such as PPO plans or Medicare Advantage plans do recognize our license and will include out-of-network benefits, so call your insurance company to check your coverage.

If you are struggling financially

If you cannot afford my fee and are uninsured, not covered for “out-of-network” benefits, or you have coverage but you cannot use it due to a high deductible or high co-pay, you have several options.

  • Contact your insurance company to get a list of “in-network” providers. In-network benefits are generally higher than out-of-network benefits. You may save money by working with an “in-network” provider.
  • Contact the Partnership for Pastoral Counseling at 828-275-7279 or online at . The Partnership offers varying amounts of subsidy depending upon need for up to 16 sessions. I am not currently a provider for the Partnership but there are many excellent pastoral counselors who are.
  • Contact the All Souls Counseling Center at 828-259-3369 or online at ASC also provides subsidized counseling.
  • Potter’s Touch. If you are United Methodist clergy, staff, or member seeking spiritual direction, and you are unable to afford my fee, limited subsidies are available through Potter’s Touch. Call me for more details. As a Potter’s Touch provider, I can make arrangements for your subsidy.